17 November 2018

40 o melhor aniversário de sempre 40



for her

the ocean 

was more

than a dream, 

it was a place

she needed to visit 

to find herself. 


and when she returned to the city,  

you could see the sun in her eyes, 

the wind in her hair,  

and taste the infinite salt on her lips. 


Jose Chaves 







From the beginning it was obvious for me that I want to spend my 40th birthday in Portugal. I decided to fullfill one of my dreams to live on the beach. Guincho was one of my magic places so it was my choice for this birthday. I came here alone 10 days before my birthday because I needed time for myself. My family choined me the day before my birthday. Everyday was magic here. In the early morning when I woke up, I could see Cabo da Roca from my window. Always before breakfast I was doing my running and had this beautiful view in front of my eyes. All day long I was taking the observation of the weather over the last western rock of Europe. I could see how the clouds were moving every hour. In the evening I used to walk on the beach and look at those magic orange and burgundy sunsets. And in the night falling asleep was always accompanied by the sound of waves. Those 10 days before my birthday was one of the most beautiful memories that I keep in my mind. 





































Finally my family joined me and we started to celebrate my birthday one day before taking the sunset boat trip in Rio Tejo. It was so epic !!!!!!! The sunset over beautiful Lisbon with fado music on the boat. 

















The first birthday wishes came from JOSE COIMBRA who did it through RADIO RFM Portugal saying in polish language: Gratulacje !!!!!!!!!! It was an incredible surprise for me and one of the coolest things that happened in my life. Just imagine to hear birthday wishes on the air of the biggest radio station in Portugal !!!!!!!!!! Jose you are the best !!!!!!! I will never forget it !!!!!!!!!!







The day of my birthday me and my husband started from morning run in Cascais where we were staying those days.  







At 12H there was time for my present - LISBON HELICOPTERS. The weather was not nice at all so it was impossible to take good photographes for my book, but still it was a big fun for all of us. 


















The evening I wanted to spend only listening to my beloved fado artisits. So I decided to have a birthday dinner at ADEGA MACHADO where you can have excellent food by the fado music. This evening belonged to Pedro Moutinho, Carla Pires and Andre Vaz. 







And another incredible thing happened !!! After the last song of Pedro Mountinho, suddenly all the lights went off. He started to sing "Happy Birthday" to me in portuguese language "Parabens para voce" and I also got a birthday cake with a candle. It was all prepared in conspiration so I was totally surprised. Thank You Pedro for making my birthday so special !!!  I will never forget it !!!