18 August 2020

my album IN LOVE WITH PORTUGAL is on sale from today !!!

What happens when a woman falls in love? All The Magic Happens.


One June day, KAT PIWECKA comes to Portugal for the first time to work on an article about Algarve for a polish magazine. She has "that click" from the first touch of wind on her cheek and she feels very deep in her heart that she has just found her second home. In that moment she falls in love with this beautiful country and comes back here as often as possible. She moves here every year for two or three months and learns portuguese language. Each time she drives PiweckaBus all across Europe, from her polish home straight to her portuguese home, which makes over 3000 kilometers in 3 days one way. And this is not a problem at all for a woman in love! She has published 12 articles about Portugal so far and she still feels this is not enough. That is why she publishes this photo album – to share her love to Portugal.