10 February 2015

Moroccan Cuisine for Vegetarians



1. Mint Tea

(always heavily sweetened)  





2. Oranges and Orange Juice 









3. Moroccan Salad

(tomatoes, cucumber, onion chopped and mixed together)





4. Veggie Tagine 





5. Couscous 





6. Delicacies

(so cheap that every day I bought and ate half a kilo of sweet nuts by myself!)  







7. Spices and Herbs 













8. Coffee? Yes please! 

(strong enough to suffer from severe heart palpitations!)







9. Jemaa el Fna - the world's biggest open-air restaurant - open every evening for a dinner 















My best dinner was Moroccan bread dipped in spicy tomato sauce, Moroccan salad and grilled vegetables.